Gogo Gear Protective Leggings - Leg Protection for the Fashion Forward

These leggings probably sat in my cart for about 6 months. Every few weeks I would go back to them and think, “Kevlar Leggings with knee protection, what more could I want?!” But at $160.00, I really couldn’t justify buying them on a whim. 

Finally I pulled the trigger, and after carefully reading the sizing instructions, and measuring myself, I ordered a size 6. Keep in mind, that I am 5’ 2” and weigh 110 pounds. This is 2 pant sizes up from what I would wear in normal pant sizes, I thought I was totally in the clear. 

Let me start by saying that I really love these leggings, they fit comfortable when on, I can ride for hours without feeling constrained or being affected by the outside temperature. I have received many compliments on them, and have even worn them at work without anyone realizing that I had armor in my knees and shins. 

That being said, as you may scour the internet looking at positive review after positive review, I’m here to offer a few counter thoughts. 

They are a serious pain to get on and off. I’m not talking, having to slightly suck in your stomach while buttoning pants difficult. I have to sit down, slowly tug them inch by inch, using the armor as a leverage point to get them up to my knees, and then pull up the sides over my hips until I’m sweaty and late for work. 

I can hear you now, “But Mrs. McQueen, you just ordered the wrong size, why don’t you order another size up?” 

Mainly because once they are on, they fit perfectly. I would not want to trade in the ideal fit when wearing for a little more ease to get them on. Plus, they have a video on their website with instructions on how to put these leggings on, so you know others have the same difficulty, while having ordered the correct size. Also remember that I said I had ordered 2 sizes up from my regular size, 1 more than is recommended, “if you have a bigger behind.” At some point you have to be able to order a size and feel confident it will fit well, especially when you have to pay return and replacement shipping costs. 

My recommendation is that they simply add a button and fly. They can still be “leggings” with the perfect stretchy material and comfortable fit, but for heaven’s sake I want to be able to get them up over my hips. This is women specific gear we’re talking about. I plan on taking them to a tailor and having this put in, but I do think that other women would find this addition helpful. 

I absolutely do recommend this product to other lady riders. Far too often we find ourselves not protecting ourselves entirely in the name of fashion. It is wonderful to have a stylish pair of pants that look great off the bike, while still providing excellent protection while riding.