A Couple Who Rides...

Our story begins with a tentative thought from a husband to his wife, "I think I want to get my motorcycle license." The wife uncommonly responds, "Only if I get mine too." 

As the McQueens began to take on new riding challenges, they discovered there are a limited amount of resources regarding the diverse world of motorcycle riders, especially in the case of women or couples riding. 

Alisabeth HD First Ride - 05 - McQueen.jpg

Armed with several years of experience of riding, commuting, long distance and international traveling, they aim to dispel myths, encourage new riders, and share the experiences of those who they meet along the way. 

The ultimate goal is to take on a massive endeavor of finding the longest way around the world by riding their motorcycles through every country, no matter how long it takes them. However, as they prepare for this challenge, there is much they have to learn about moto-camping and adventure riding.  Join them while they embark on this incredible journey.